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Building a Successful Culture

Our Leadership Style 

At Minds On, we believe that no entrepreneur would be successful without their team. Period. Our office is no exception to that rule. Since we founded this company 18 years ago, our staff has continued to uplift us, challenge the status quo and innovate in the industry.

That’s why, when it comes to leadership, we choose to act as advocates for each member of the staff. We continually build a culture where people feel valued and supported because, when that happens within a company, it gives each staff member the ability to thrive in their area of expertise. Over the years, we’ve learned that when you hire incredible teammates, you can trust and empower them to bring their finest work to the table.

The best way to cultivate this kind of environment is through a leadership style that’s rooted in emotional intelligence. At the core, emotional intelligence encompasses the ways in which you understand and regulate your personal emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you. Just like learning to play the piano or shoot a free throw, emotional intelligence requires intentional, lifelong practice. We didn’t develop our leadership style overnight, and the way we lead our team isn’t stagnant; we continue to learn, adapt and grow with the changing needs of our staff and our industry.

Let’s ask: Does the happiness of our staff truly impact the bottom line for ourselves and our clients? Does it change the way we behave within and outside the office?

In short, absolutely. The members of our team choose to spend the vast majority of their day working in our office. If we created an environment where our team members felt expendable and under-appreciated, the results would be dreary: high turnover, quashed creativity, disgruntled energy. Nobody wants to spend their valuable time in an environment where they don’t feel truly appreciated. Moreover, we firmly believe that the hours spent within the workplace are formative. Whether we like it or not, every person is shaped by their surroundings. A workplace environment that is founded on empathy sets your team up for success — both inside and outside the office.

The result is a cohesive, happy staff with low turnover and consistently satisfied clients. Every day, we strive to create a culture where prospective employees and clients not only want to work with us to elevate their careers and their businesses, but they want to work with Minds On because we genuinely care about one another and our community.

When we founded Minds On, it was on the idea that a business is about so much more than money. Some of our proudest moments are when we see an employee purchase their first home or start to build their family. We want this office culture to be the solid ground on which our team and our clients can build their best lives. A true entrepreneur is a risk-taker who makes it their life’s work to create a foundation and culture for others to flourish, and we lead by that example.

— Tom & Randy

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