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Transform Your Website Into a Growth Engine

Your website is unquestionably the number one resource that buyers use for evaluating your company, products and services– often times before ever speaking with a sales rep. A website performs many jobs: brand ambassador, product/service educator, 24/7 digital sales rep and customer caretaker — all in one. Therefore it should have the capacity to nurture buyers along every stage of the buyer’s journey and measurably support deeper engagement to drive sales.

Our team of designers, developers and web strategists can help you:

  • Improve organic search (SEO) traffic
  • Generate top-of-funnel leads
  • Increase measurable engagement
  • Support the buyer’s journey
  • Drive sales growth

Our Approach to Building a Successful Website

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, supporting materials, and a solid plan. Likewise, a website requires a great deal of attention and planning. Here are the steps we take toward launching a successful website


Choose a CMS (content management system) and determine necessary integrations.

Sitemap & User Flows

Determine how many pages should exist and how visitors should navigate through the site.


Together, we help you create measurable goals by defining challenges and crafting an appropriate plan.

Design & Development

Layer in sensory design and skilled development to bring your site to life.

Launch & Iterate

Perform a cyclic process testing, analyzing, measuring to continuously improve.

Website Design & Development Services

Whether you need a completely new website or need help optimizing your existing site, we combine creative solutions, content and marketing strategy to help B2B business achieve business goals and drive measurable results.
Responsive Design
We design sites that connect with your audience and deliver an equitable experience across any device. Responsive design can also improve metrics like user dwell time and SEO ranking.
UI is how your interface looks; UX is how it works. We combine both to build the most intuitive experience for your users. Our responsive design easily guides visitors to CTAs that convert.

Brand Messaging & Positioning
Optimized brand messaging ensures that your audience always understands what you are saying in clear and consistent ways. Minds On can create this from scratch or improve upon your current brand fundamentals.


Content Development
Developing the right content helps you connect with and educate your leads and customers. It can also increase your organic search ranking through keyword research and optimization. We create blogs and other rich content that supports the buyers’ journey and sales processes.

Website Optimization
From improved design, to messaging, to content development, we can help optimize your entire site or create strategic pages.
CMS Migration
UI is how your interface looks; UX is how it works. We combine both to build the most intuitive experience for your users. Our responsive design easily guides visitors to CTAs that convert.

Integrating e-commerce functionality within an existing site or building on an ecommerce platform like Amazon and Shopify can be a game changer.

Love your site, but hate your CMS? We have extensive experience migrating existing sites to new CMS platforms.

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Persona-Driven Web Design

We specialize in building sites that deliver the visual impact of a B2C website, but are built to support B2B goals—creating awareness, engaging your audience, and converting visitors to leads. We infuse on-point messaging, strong UI, rich content and analytics to ensure results.

Top Industries Served

Although we can apply best practices across any B2B website, we have vast experience and knowledge building growth-driven websites for:
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • eCommerce

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