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The Pressure Is on: How Marketing Leaders Can Overcome a Lack of Resources

In 2019, a Marketing Talent Crunch Survey found that over 90% of companies were having trouble finding marketing talent. Fast-forward to 2022, and that pressure has been intensified by new pandemic-driven demands such as managing largely or fully remote marketing teams, being asked to show instant marketing results that are proven through data and needing to sell the value of marketing to executive leadership.

It would be an understatement to say today’s marketing leaders are stressed.

Marketing leaders are being asked to do and deliver more than ever, even as they grapple with economic and personal uncertainties of their own. So, how can they manage the high demands of the businesses they serve? Many are turning to outsourcing to shore up their talent pools and regain some of the bandwidth and resources they lack.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Shore Up Talent and Resources

Get More Done in Less Time
The right outside marketing agency will be able to do as much or as little of the heavy lifting as you need in all areas of marketing, including strategy, creative, web design and development, campaign execution, and results-tracking, freeing your team to do their best work without constant time pressure.

Scale Your Team with Much-Needed Expertise
Most marketing leaders are struggling to maintain a full team through no fault of their own, and those skills gaps can slow everyone on their internal teams down. Marketing agencies have access to a pool of talent with deep expertise in your industry, so you can quickly put the right person on the job to keep things moving while taking unnecessary stress off you and your team.

Results Are Part of the Contract
Marketing support agencies should offer more than temporary help that simply puts out fires. They should also be able to drive results by bringing high levels of creativity, expertise, and a deep understanding of your business.

Finding the right marketing agency to outsource to is not as hard as you may think. Minds On has been supporting marketing departments like yours for over 20 years, and we’ve partnered with over 250 B2B companies, building a trusted reputation for diligence, reliability, and creativity.

So, take a deep breath and call Minds On or visit our website to learn more about our capabilities, talent, and expertise.

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