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Unleash Your Inner Mind Warrior

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve offered up practical strategies to focus and guide you as we all recalibrate our new realities. This week, the goal is to take it up a notch and inspire each of you into action!

The mind is a beautiful and complicated machine. It feeds the part of us that is in constant pursuit of stimuli from the outside world. We process that stimuli through a filter of our personal history of knowledge and experiences to conceive bold, innovative solutions. 

The warrior is an archetype that is no stranger to motivation narratives, especially in business. This is because a warrior represents courage, purpose, skill, discipline, relentlessness, decisiveness, and endless pursuit.

The mind and the warrior, when combined, represent a powerful symbol of thriving in the face of difficult challenges—the Mind Warrior.

A Mind Warrior is an unstoppable force, even in the face of uncertainty and severe limitation. We are seeing real-world examples of this every day. Not only in the obvious places such as the medical profession, government collaborations, and hustles in hot zones, but through innovation in testing and major pivots in manufacturing to support shortages in masks and ventilators. 

Turns out, when a crisis happens, you make the time.

We want you to join our legion of Mind Warriors. To outfit you appropriately, we have created an online store with some armor and items to remind you of your brilliance and ferocity. All proceeds will go to help the Mind Warriors on the front line of this foe we are collectively battling, COVID-19.

This global pandemic has caused stress and struggles in all aspects of our lives: professionally, personally, and as a part of local, national, and global communities. Anxiety and worry have been ratcheted up to new levels as we face uncertain futures. Our natural tendency can be paralysis, but there is much we can do to adjust our thinking. Sometimes an unforeseen shake up can be a long-needed wake-up call to live a more proactive life or may lead to connections that can reroute the course of your life.

Unleashing your inner Mind Warrior takes strategy. Here are two things you can do right now to unleash your inner Mind Warrior:

  1. Take actionable measures. Write down your goals as well as the things stopping you from achieving them. For example: “I want to work out and live healthier, but I have no time.” Now, go back and rewrite it as an affirmative: “I want to work out and live healthier, and I will find the time.” Next, find the time. Commit to documenting every 30 minutes of your day for three days. You will be amazed at how much time you really have.
  2. Take an honest look at your habits. Determine where you can make meaningful change. In times like this, it can be easy to rely heavily on coping mechanisms. Of course, outlets like recreation and escape to manage and minimize stress are important. But too much Netflix, binge eating, and social media can leave us depleted and unfocused. In other words, there’s an awful lot that can be accomplished in the time it takes to mindlessly binge that next episode… Ask yourself if you are actively doing all that you can to make even incremental positive changes for the better.

As we well know, the mind is powerful. It will respond to anything you tell it. If you say you can’t do something, then it won’t do anything at all. Conversely, if you tell it to think big, broad, and bold, it can mobilize. You can train your mind in either direction; it’s up to you.

At Minds On, we believe all of our minds are smarter than any one mind alone. The key to our success is getting the right people in a room: thinking, challenging, collaborating, and finally embracing new solutions. If you are struggling with how to access your inner Mind Warrior or implement innovative solutions for your business, we would love to help. Schedule a meeting to start a conversation at https://mindson.com/Schedule-a-Meeting.

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