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Best Places to Work — Why We Still Won

At Minds On, we know that it’s crucial to regularly check in with our employees. On any given day, you can often find our founders, Tom and Randy, walking around the office,chatting, high-fiving and checking in with the team. But, in addition to this routine, it’s crucial to do a more in-depth anonymous temperature check.

That’s why, every year, we participate in the Business First’s Best Places to Work program. They survey our employees and give the team an opportunity to speak openly and honestly about their experiences. The goal of these surveys is to further demonstrate to our employees that their voices matter.

Coming off an award in 2018, our results are in for the 2019 Best Places to Work Survey. We’re proud to share that we scored 95.05 out of 100. Even though that score wasn’t high enough to receive an award, the takeaways from this survey are priceless. At the end of the day, participation in Best Places to Work isn’t about competing against other businesses in the area; it’s about the betterment of the experience for our company, our employees and our clients.

When we dig into the survey results, there’s a lot of good information to unpack. First, 100 percent of our employees are highly engaged. That means that every member of our team is an advocate for Minds On; they favor this workplace, and they intend to stay on the team. We’re proud that we’ve created an environment where our employees want to stay. The average tenure for our employees is eight years, and some, like our development director, have been with Minds On for over a decade.

“Our proudest moments are when we watch our employees achieve their personal and professional goals — like earning that promotion, buying a first home, growing a family. Minds On is so much more than a job; it’s a platform for our team members to thrive.” Tom Augustine, President & Co-Founder

In addition to our strengths, this survey can also help us discover opportunities for improvement. For example, every employee was asked whether they agree or disagree with this statement: “I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization.” According to the results, 100 percent of men agreed with the statement, but only 80 percent of women agreed. That helped open our eyes.

After we received these survey results, it only took our office two days to start implementing new practices and procedures. We immediately took action to make this workplace more functional, transparent and open. Overall, the experience helped us examine the office culture in a new light. In our eyes, that’s even better than winning an award because we win every time we identify ways to improve the culture at Minds On.

“Culture” has become a business buzzword that’s frequently used, yet rarely understood. We’re passionate about our business culture. Every day, we strive to create an environment that supports and empowers the members of our Minds On’s team. 


Thanks for taking a moment to read about our 2019 Best Places to Work Survey! This is the first blog in a series of narratives that will explore how we continually reflect upon and shape workplace culture. In the coming months, you’ll hear from internal leaders, recent hires and satisfied clients — all of whom will break down the concept of business culture as it pertains to their daily life and work.

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