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What Makes our Team a Family

If you ask anyone at Minds On to describe our office culture, the word that continually comes to mind is family. Our leaders foster a community of people who feel a sense of value and belonging. To understand what makes this office culture so important for those who work at Minds On, we took a moment to sit down with a few members of our team to explore their thoughts on company culture.

Valerie Rastetter
Project Manager
(3 months with Minds On)

Why did you choose Minds On?

“I’ve always been on smaller teams, so I liked that this was a smaller office. And, from the outside looking in, it seemed like they really cared about their employees from what I saw posted on social media; they recognized an employee of the month, had cultural events, performed random acts of kindness and lots of different things that we do here. Minds On posts a lot, and they often feature their employees. Since I’ve been here, their level of transparency has been so refreshing. It’s rare to find leadership that is so open to conversation, and who bring the whole team into those discussions. I’ve never been somewhere before where everyone knows everything like this.”

Taylor Jarvis
Client Success Manager
(10 months with Minds On)

What makes Minds On unique compared to other places you’ve worked?

“When I first started, our hours were 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and that was challenging for me at first because I live outside of Columbus. So I had a little bit of a drive and wasn’t getting home until later in the evening. But then Minds On brought in a consultant to talk to us about work-life balance. When we mentioned the hours, they actually listened to our feedback. And, on only the second day that the consultant was here, they changed the business hours to be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. That was really cool because they truly listened to us, and then made changes to address our concerns almost instantly.”

Julia Bastaja
Account Director
(4 years with Minds On)

How does this work culture help you thrive both inside and outside the office?

“At Minds On, they’re really good about creating work-life balance, and they’re getting better. They’re evolving in terms of more flexible options like working from home and adopting summer hours, which is a fantastic forward momentum to build on what they’ve already created. I think a work-life balance has become a huge topic in the last decade, and Minds On has actively engaged with those ideas to create a better work environment. It’s just been really, really positive for the whole team.”

Kyle Hanna
Creative Director
(8 years with Minds On)

Why have you continued to work with Minds On, year after year?

“The owners care about their employees. For me, personally, I’ve been able to share my professional ambitions; things that I want to learn, things that I want to do, either on the job or outside of it. And those guys have allowed me to do that. From a development standpoint, I feel like I’ve been able to grow professionally. It’s not something where I’ve been here eight years doing the same thing every day. I continue to grow, continue to learn. For me, that speaks volumes of the company.”

Kurt Olsen
Development Director
(13 years with Minds On)

How have you seen the culture grow and change throughout your tenure?

“I actually started as an intern while I was going to school at Ohio State. Then, when I graduated, they hired me full time as a web specialist, and, as I gained experience, my title changed. Throughout the years, people have come and gone, but I feel like the core of our culture has remained the same. It’s never felt like a big, cold company; there’s always been this family environment. We’ve grown and changed and become more efficient, but, at the end of the day, I feel like the people I work with are my family and my friends.”

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